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Some examples of our work are shown below.

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After one of our crew joined this gym, we contacted the owner and developed their new website and a high tech backend to let them enter and track member applications and their franchises.

Before they used Xcel to enter membership applications so all the application were on different computers and different gyms.  Training new staff to use the Xcel system was complicated and prone to errors.   By building a new website with a backend for the staff, Greater Ebiz, not only made training simpler but automated the pricing calculations and prevented mistakes.

Another plus is now the membership applications are centralized and the applications and various reports can be viewed by management online from any location.

Each Shapefitness franchise has it’s own set of prices so the backend provides each franchise owner a way to set their particular membership prices and available membership options.   The owner can also enter class schedules  and pictures, addresses, and descriptions of their gyms so this information appears on the main website (

A big problem we were able to solve is tracking Healthway members.  Several organizations like Tinker Air Force Base, and others offer this as a perk to their employees. The employee get the use the gym for free and Healthways pays Shapefitness based on how many days the member uses the gym.  Shapefitness already had a a card reader system to give members 24/7 access to the facilities.   Greater Ebiz implemented functionality to upload this information the website server and from there generate a report in the required format that can be emailed to Healtways with a log of member usage.   Without this level of automation, it would be near impossible to participate in the Healthways program which brings more members into the gyms and income for Shapefitness.


PyroCMS,  PHP/MySql,  Facebook API, and Web site hosting

Grand House

Grand House is a local chinese bistro serving exceptional chinese cuisine and Greater Ebiz has been hosting and maintaining their website for the past 10 years.   It’s gone through several iterations and the latest has a more simplified look and was made compatible with mobile devices (responsive design).  But the real gem of this project is the new online takeout order system  (see designed and implemented by Greater EBiz which is helping them increase sales and making the ordering process more convenient for customers.  This system accepts credit card payments online and sends the order to the restaurants fax machine.  The fax method was chosen to make it easier for employees to use the system and eliminate any requirement for computer training.


PHP/MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, jQueryUI, JSON, CSS, HTML, Web site hosting


Greater EBiz services are available to all kinds of customer – including Levant Technologies a web design company in Norman, OK.   We worked as part of their team to customize portions of their CMS to meet this clients requirements.  One of the major customizations was incorporating AJAX to display of the cart contents as opposed to refreshing the screen.  We also customized portions of the checkout code to support international shipping, and integrated the shopping cart with eProcessing Network’s payment processing system.

Does your website company need a hand from time to time, or specialized skills like PHP/MySQL development – Greater EBiz, can help.


PHP/MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, jQueryUI, JSON, CSS, HTML, contract work

Johnnies Bakery

We created the original website about 10 years ago.  When Johnnies Bakery was sold to new owners, they were told to trust in Greater EBiz’s skill and reliability and contacted us to revamp the website.  One of the big changes was to switch from a flash based site to a site compatible with mobile devices.   The new site includes a blog and makes it easy for them to add and maintain pictures of their various bakery items.  Greater Ebiz even helped them install apps on their iPhones to make it easy to take pictures and add them to the blog.   They were thrilled!


Wordpress, custom WordPress template, Web hosting, Domain name registration

 Bell Isle West Neighborhood Association

A one time manager of Grand House that we worked with to develop their website remembered us years later when his neighborhood associated wanted a website. They needed a website that was easy to maintain so Greater Ebiz implemented their website as a WordPress blog. The site is a great place to post meeting minutes, photos of events, the yard of the month winners and other important information. The site also provides a place for members to pay yearly dues using PayPal.


Wordpress, custom WordPress template, Web hosting, Domain name registration

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